Sunday 17 February 2013

Between a Rock and a Hard Place

Unemployment in Gaza is overwhelming so finding work is a huge challenge. Those with any kind of income are amongst the lucky ones. However, for some workers carving out a basic living, their attempts to feed their families can be life threatening if their work takes them into the proximity of the Israeli army - even when the Israeli authorities have granted authorisation.

On 14th February 2013, Kamil Al-Kafarna (20) was working as a labourer scavenging construction materials near the Erez crossing in the very north of the Gaza Strip. He and his cousin Hosam Al-Kafarna, both from Beit Hanoun, were working in the area with permission from the Israeli authorities when they were shot by an Israeli sniper. A bullet entered through the right side of Kamil's abdomen, causing tears in his stomach, diaphragm and liver. The doctors believe that due to the damage inflicted upon his internal organs, he will never fully recover.

Hosam Al-Kafarna (21) was wounded along with Kamil as they were working near Erez. He was hit by two bullets. The first hit his right hand and the second one went through his left arm and then hit Kamil. Hosam will need to undergo surgery due to the bone damage in his arm caused by the bullet.

Kamil and Hosam happen to be cousins of Mamdouh Al-Kafarna who was shot in the leg by Israeli forces on 29th January, 2013 while he was farming in the east of Beit Hanoun.

Photos courtesy of Desde Palestina

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